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Happy Halloween!

Be safe, stay warm and have fun. Happy weekend and happy Halloween.

Ooh, I love this-

So I found this illustrator today, and I just like her style. It makes me happy. Nice!!
Check out her stuff, she's pretty cool at:

Her playfulness with type and illustration is so whimsical, simple and fun. It makes me happy. Yeah! Enjoy! her blog is fun too-

Happy Thursday! Go home and watch "The Office"... yeah! 30 Rock!

Good times : )

So I just wanted to post a little blog about a really genuine and hilarious person.
: ) My good friend Danielle. She and I got some good time to get together and hang out on Saturday. Wanted to post about her, because she is definitely such a warm, hilarious, colorful, stylish, incredibly, incredibly smart and genuine person (and has a great taste in shoes). Ask anyone, and they will tell ya that time passes really quickly after hanging with her, and you usually have a bunch of great memories and mad funny stories later. Things like "Hilarious Pizza pocket on the floor" "Mary Tyler More"," Tina Fey","VIP's", "Toddlers in Escalades" and "vacations in St. Charles". Good stuff.
Danielle is a very talented and working Chicago actress, she is a gem to the stage, and can perform like none other. Some of the things (much, much thanks to miss Danielle) that we love to do is go to running Chicago plays/productions whenever we get a chance (I'm spoiled, it's fun to go with someone who actually knows the stage very well). Thanks to this girly, I think I've seen over a dozen or so productions just in the past year! Thanks chica : )
I think she would laugh that I posted these sill pictures from the other day, sorry lady- I just think there are fun, well the 2nd one esp.
Out of these many fine productions, I want to mention a couple that really stand out, and would want to highly recommend. I think they are running through the middle of November if one is so inclined...

1st would be: "Edward II" (or the long title: "The Troublesome Reign and Lamentable Death of Edward II, King of England, with the Tragic Fall of Proud Mortimer", that's a mouthful eh?) Playing at The Chicago Shakespeare Theater. Directed by the very brilliant, creative, and edgy director Sean Graney. This is a breathtaking, and completely modernized and hard core Shakespeare story. It kind of reminded me of a Baz Lurman film, set on stage. It becomes very riveting and personal. Awesome!! I want to take my hubby to see it if we get the chance, I know he would love it. After we left we were speechless. Makes you kind of squeamish, in a good way.

2nd would be: The show we watched on Saturday night, "On the Shore of the Wide World". Directed by Danielle's very good friend and incredibly talented creative- Jonathan Berry. Playing at the "Theatre Building Chicago". What can I say, I was blown away by the color, textures, lighting, and attention to detail. And above all, sensitivity to life and the very complex humans that we are. It speaks all about marriage, heartache, family, the unspoken. It kinda reaches out to you in an unexpected and personal way. It's very solid yet fragile and very warm. Loved it!

Whoooho!!! So that's a couple of my Chicago stage entertainment recommendations. Both very creative and full of color. And to just put a bit o' spotlight on a very good person, a great friend, and a downright hilarious lady.


An interesting find, and reminder...

SO I was thinking about stuff... life stuff.. money stuff... some pretty stuff. The stuff that makes us happy with little joys. And I was also thinking about, that grey stuff in our brains. And how we can find creative ways to use it. I think one of the really fun things about creatives is that if they really want something, they go after it, just plain make it, or find some time or little nit ch to place it and save it.
So anyways... Your wondering where I am going with this right? In these days, with finances a little tighter, it might be a little bit more difficult to get all the pretty stuff we so want, so we find ways. I think that's why I am such a HUGE fan of renegade crafts, creative makers, creative thinkers, thriftys and etsy esp.

The other day, oddly enough (now... do not laugh... well go ahead, I know, they are funny) my mom mailed me this big box of paper dolls and ha! "Clothes" I would make for hours on end when I was 9 years old. At this time we did not have very much money at all, and there were all these fashion dolls, and clothes that I wanted REALLY REALLY bad. But, it wasn't happening. So, I would just sit in my little "studio" and make and draw all the things I wanted (ha! check out that dress), the time and actual process of making something satisfied that craving pretty well. And probably kept my mom happy that I was busy for so long. But.. I think as an adult, well I know. It's easy to forget those things, how the "little things" can make you happy. How, maybe by getting a little bit more simple, makes us a little bit richer.

So.. in closing, here's some of the funny little drawings I did (when I was NINE folks! Hee hee ; ) And a bunch of sweet little vintage buttons and charms I found at the thrift store the other day (9 all in a little baggie!) for a $1.20!! It made me happy. And we will see... where they go, or what can be done with these little treasures. Maybe a sweet necklace, maybe a couple for friends... but they were fun to find.
Happy weekend!! Go be creative you people you...

yummy fall stuff-

So this world of blogging is sooo fun. Love it. Need to be careful, it can take me away from other parts of life's priorities, but um here I am, just real quick. So, anyways... Just wanted to share a few of my favorite things for the month.. stuff that I have been diggin. Oh lovely fall. On the top of this list of course, is my hilarious and warm best friend, my hubby. The man that makes the sun shine for me and hangs the stars in the sky. He's awesome. So, um yup he is getting some pics posted. Then there is the city on a fall night, when the sun is almost gone, something kinda creepy, expectant, exciting, cold and luscious all at the same time. luv it. Then... there's silly things.. clothes, some bit of style... some munchies, and then, some little bit of fun entertainment substance. I can plow through books like they are going out of style. But "Oh the Glory of it All" was a whopper, and running at 490 pages at a 9 over 10 font. It took a bit, but I was kinda savoring it too. And finished, yesterday. so that was yummy, and kinda sad. Like saying goodbye to a good friend. Sean Wilsey, what a crazy life man. Oh, and I secretly wish that I had been the one to design the cover, b/c its so simple and cool. And then, other pieces of entertainment that were fun to run through in the past couple weeks. Of course, Sedaris, you lovely little writer you... and of course... tights. And a recommended bottle of wine.
Happy October!!!

Crunchy leaves...

Just wanted to write and place visually how much I am LOVING the fall. It is without a doubt my favorite season. It's too short, very sweet, crisp. I think that something simply divine happens in this brief season. Wanted to place a couple images from close to home, to capture what it's like right now and around me. So that in a few months, can actually look back and remember when there was color, oranges, browns, greens!!! My favorite hue. You know how when the winter hits, esp. Chicago winters, they seem to last forever. So it's nice to be reminded of this sweet and short season.
Oh... yes... and to let everyone know they should seriously consider listening to some Ray Lamontagne. His voice rich as syrup. Nice lush and colorful as a sweet Sunday in fall. I think in these times, listening to "Let it be me" is a nice one.

Enjoy your days!!!


Tis the beginning of a blog. We will we see where we go.... Drop by and see what's new every now and then. : )

Sing it loud-

Sing it loud-
Whatever you say, say it with passion...

If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

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