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What a sweet home... Chicago

So lately when I have some free time, I've been taking pictures of little pieces and spots of the city that I love, angles, colors, crops that I think are interesting. These were taken over the past 2 months or so (except for the bright blue water/skyline shots, those were in the summer on a boat) Otherwise, I've been on lots of little photo adventures. These little pieces remind me of home, remind me of nice-free days off when I can go and explore. I love this city so much. It makes feel confident, happy, at ease, inspired and at home. One of the things that makes Chicago so manageable and movable is it's grid system. Once ya get it down, your good to go. And as a graphic designer, I unabashedly love the existence and clean symmetry of a grid every now and then.
So, here's a handful of a few photos I have recently taken of my hometown, set in a little grid form. Hoping to set up some more in a couple of months when it's snowy, sharp, cozy, and white out.

I know this grid might look smaller on Blogger, so you can always click on it and see a larger version in your next window if you so desire.

; )

Goofy "Wordle"

So there is this little website where you can create your own little collection of words and sayings and jumble them. Called "Wordle". So fun. I was messing around with it today, and was having a good ol time playing around. Kinda reminds me of those little scrapbook pages you would make when you were younger with clips and sayings from magazines that you liked.
Brought a couple into photoshop and just kinda doodled with em. cheesy, but sweet to play with-

Go make your own "Wordle" when ya get some time! It's kinda cheesy/kinda fun at:

Two of my favorite new things-

So just a couple little things that I am loving at the start of this cold chilly season. A couple of reasons to relax, stay inside,be all cozy and chill in my apartment in Chicago...

1. Learning how to, yup... knit!!! I am so excited about learning this new little craft (well, I can already tell by just by the beginning of this, that it can be huge). My good buddy Danielle and I spent a Sunday night this past week watching movies and making pretty stuff for barely any moola$$! Being crafty. She worked on these fabulous feather hair accessories that would make Anthropology jealous. Wish I had pics to post. And she also patiently taught me how to knit!!! It's so cool. So relaxing. And you can do other stuff like talk up a storm and watch movies while making your fabulous little design. I am currently working on a rich berry/purple squishy long scarf. We will see what happens! I am already over a foot and a half in. Totally fun.

2. The TV series "Mad Men". Holy cow... My hubby and I are soooo addicted it's not even funny. This is a fabulous, fabulous show. The writing, the story, the acting, the clothes, everything. Reminds me how happy I am that I am living now, and didn't grow live in the 50's, don't think being a professional graphic designer would have flown so much. Apparently, women in the biz were pretty scarce during that time. But anyway, love this show. The hubby and I have been watching the blu rays non stop. We stayed up til 3:00 am the other night because we just had to watch one more... Yup, it's a good one. Good thing to watch on a cold night.

Anyway, that's my little rant about a couple of fun things that I'm totally digging right now. Check ya laters. Gotta go watch "Mad Men" ; )

Monday's Illustrator

Oooh, there is nothing like starting off the week with some inspiration. Since it's starting to get kinda cold out, figured I place something a little refreshing. I am featuring a sweet illustrator today that I just adore. I think her style is so fun. Her colors and patterns are so warm. Andrea Cobb has a very particular, fresh style. Some of her work has been featured in Anthropology's catalogue in the past. Her style is so yummy and fun. makes me happy on a Monday. Welcome to the week!

You can check out more of Andrea's work at:

Old Movies and Halloween

So, I know that Halloween was a week ago, and these are kinda dated, I apologize for the late post, but it has been extremely busy!!!
Quite the week!! : )
So, as a Friday post, I am putting up pictures from Halloween last weekend. I am doing this, knowing that they will be made fun of... Can't take yourself too seriously now in life can you? They are so silly, we look like a couple of goofballs. But being a goofball every now and then is good for the spirit right? ; )
If this is your first time seeing my hubby, well... he looks pretty far from these images, if ya look at previous posts. Ha! That hair cracks me up. And yes... that is a fake cigar. Yup, on Halloween I was married to Groucho Marx (nooo, not Charlie chaplan as he kept getting called that night). Oh man, so hilarious.
And if one cannot tell from my costume, I am "Tippi Hedron" the main actress/character from the famous old scary movie "The Birds" directed by good ol Alfred Hitchcock. I've got my black birds, some blood, aqua tweed suit, patent leather 50's shoes and purse, blond bob... It was fun. I look kinda weird with this wig eh?
So I guess our theme was old movies, and it was fun to pull off. Kinda embarrasing getting a cab though.
We went to a big costume party in the city, there were a lot of other quite creative costumes worn by people. Wish I could show them all alas, "blogger" only lets you upload 5, so sad. It was a blast. The main 4 hosts of the party were dressed as the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". Our friends did a great job with their costumes, all totally homemade!! So I have posted a picture of two of the turtles, it was kinda hard to get a picture of all 4 of em together.
Enjoy, yeah... laugh.
We did.
Remember to not take yourself too seriously.

Happy Friday

If You have not done so already, please...

Sing it loud-

Sing it loud-
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If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

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