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Crunchy leaves...

Just wanted to write and place visually how much I am LOVING the fall. It is without a doubt my favorite season. It's too short, very sweet, crisp. I think that something simply divine happens in this brief season. Wanted to place a couple images from close to home, to capture what it's like right now and around me. So that in a few months, can actually look back and remember when there was color, oranges, browns, greens!!! My favorite hue. You know how when the winter hits, esp. Chicago winters, they seem to last forever. So it's nice to be reminded of this sweet and short season.
Oh... yes... and to let everyone know they should seriously consider listening to some Ray Lamontagne. His voice rich as syrup. Nice lush and colorful as a sweet Sunday in fall. I think in these times, listening to "Let it be me" is a nice one.

Enjoy your days!!!


sweetlove1982 said...

i love your blog..keep updating.

Thaithai said...

your site's design is amazing.

Big up.

Michelle Swidrak said...

court!!! i love the blog and sooo happy you are now apart of the blogging family! i feel more creative just looking at it!
love and miss you.

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

i will check it out! thank you for the tip!

citysage said...

Ooh I found out about Ray through another blog and have been listening to the new album non-stop. I especially love the first track...if I were getting married again I would want it as my first dance song!

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Sing it loud-
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If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

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