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change, growth, climbing, and moving on...

So, I know...

I apologize. To myself in a huge way as well... I know that it has been a while since I have uttered anything on this Blog. And yeah, it makes me sad. This has been a fun and enjoyable thing, but right now... I just can't even (and don't even have the time currently) to get to this place. But it's also ok right now. Because life has certainly, certainly had its most insane, surreal, bizzare, and yes... very difficult moments in the past two weeks. Oh so difficult. And yes, changing, and challenging and weird and kinda exhilerating. And as bizzare as it is, exciting to go through change. But so terrifying at the same time. The wash of emotions, thoughts, words and moments has been completely changing every SINGLE day. Moments sorting into slots, elements going into different directions. And it's so amazing, how... I guess I was geared and prepared for this change. But right now... I am definitly in transition. It is a HARD place. a very very trying time. A time to build character I guess, and yeah... to find beauty in hidden moments, and absolutely precious people (thank you to those absolutely amazing gems I call friends). This transition does have an end date... and hopefully it is before april 1st. Because I am ready for the NEW... just gotta crawl and move and grow and be strong through this middle. And am looking to burst through with grace, and with dignity. So, this might seem vague... and a bit odd of a post (apologize). But those who know me and who read this, know enough. And know the details. This has certainly been an adventure. These past 2 1/2 weeks. So much has come to the surface, so much that life has taught me. Things that I've never even really felt before, and yes... it is true, what does not kill us, makes us stronger. And I'm realizing that change would not have come and brought its way through, if deep down, I was not ready. And yeah... I can say I am ready.
So, I'll be back here. I will... just focusing and digging into some other quiet moments. Some other elements to this complex (and still very beautiful) thing called life... and the widening, challenging, changing path that it brings with it.
Until then, will be back here. Much stronger, much wiser, much sharper. Just being quiet right now...


Oh yes... keep on, keep on

Wow... It's a good thing that I am finding beauty in the hidden. Because today, I encountered just how bumpy life can most definitly be. I think I was being prepared.

Just a simple post...
Today has been kinda rough...
Going to keep looking up at those beautiful sillouettes.

-finding beauty in the hidden-

So, most people who know me know that i lOVE green. green, yum, yum yum. Love how it shoots through the earth, and little blades of new grass, new sprigs of leaves pop through.

But just recently, this weekend. I don't know... maybe it was listening a little too much to Andrew Bird's "The Privateers" or "Souverian" off the new Noble Beast. But I was feeling, and still am... quite peaceful and happy with stepping back, taking a deeper look, and contemplating the hidden beauty in things. So, it was cold, I was out... and I looked up... and realized just how incredible & beautiful those bare, crisp detailed lines of trees are against the pallet of a soft fading winter sky.

It was a fun little treat. So many elements. So much that made my designer brain happy, all those angles. Like an intricate and beautiful home-made piece of black lace filled with texture against these pale muted tones. So many crevices and contrast, its enough to really enjoy and just take in. (lets hope I don't run into a lamp-post looking up so much ; )

I mean, I'm not saying that I never look up. Would be in trouble then. And yes, I've noticed the trees, and noticed the sky before. And some of you might be like, what... shes crazy for taking pictures of trees. But ya know what?
That's who I am. And those are the types of things that I do. But this weekend, there was just this awe.

So, I've posted some of what I see as pretty intricate little pieces to this part of January that might be easy to miss.

What things do you see as beauty in the everyday?

Favorite #3

Favorite #2

Favorite #1



I know, shallow and random. But anyone who knows me, knows that i LOVE clothes. yup. Cannot help it. I do need to cut back. Am running out of room in my closet.

So, in the midst of COLD COLD slushy & grey weather, I am dreaming of pretty, lovely, little lady dresses that are so fun to wear in the spring, or in some other make-believe fantastic land where its bright and sunny, and you can skip down a lovely brick street in some beautiful foreign place, sipping champagne, eating gelato and staring at the ocean. Or, were in a random shampoo commercial.

So, IF I had a billion dollars. Well, there is a LOT that I would do with that moola probably before going shopping. But being girly (and since this is my blog, and I’m just dreaming right now), I would purchase these three in their order by Oscar de la Renta...
( I cannot escape #1 for some reason, I just love those lines)

1. yummy lines-

2. ooh, tailored texture

3. sweet angles, white paisley

So... if YOU have a billion dollars... you can buy em HERE.

What is one little random silly treat you would buy with a billion dollars?

go away snow-

Ok, so I know...
I am grumbling.
But come one SNOW???? Snow, you are not my friend right now.

Ugh. Man... tired of this. Want to bask in the HOT sun right this minute. Have lived in the city for a long time now, have lived in the Chicago land area most of my life. And I know, I know... I choose to live here. This weather is nothing new- I am just venting.

But... seriously.... I am SO tired of this fluffy white stuff that seems to be invading so much of our lives.

• Tired of driving to work, even leaving much earlier and it being a shot in the dark as to what time I will really arrive.

• Tired of being wet when I finally climb in the car.

• Tired of scraping the car off everyday and most likely getting stuck again the next.

• Tired of side streets, no room to park at all because there is mounds of this frozen whiteness everywhere. People, placing shovels, chairs, (yes, even little tables) in their “spot” on road.

• I know... once again, I chose to live here...

• Shoveling, digging, defrosting, scraping.

• Yucky slush and grey snow. Cars that drive into this mess, and yuck, splash you.

• So done with potholes, battery problems, and expensive car issues.

• Having to cancel plans with friends or loved one because it it’s oop! Snowing, again, yeah...

• Slipping on ice. Watching out for scary drivers who seem to actually drive 90 miles per hour on 90. SLOW down crazies.

• Being SOO cold when I wake up in the morning.

• That day... that yucky, horrible day... it took me 4 1/2 hours to get home. When it should have taken 45 minutes.

• Not being able to do one of my favorite things, go for a nice refreshing run outside + listen to my ipod.

• Not being able to wear very cute shoes out, just banging up my salty wet black cowboy boots right now.

But- I know... I’m being Debbie-downer right now-
So, I guess a better thing is to try to list or rack my brain about some of the nice little stuff that comes with winter- (hmmmm.......... thinking, thinking)

• Being cozy inside. Just having a nice cozy-movie, indoors, and fun time at home. And who really does not like just relaxing at home.

• Cute scarves! & Cute chunky sweaters!

• You have no choice, but to slow down a bit. So I guess that this is really a good thing.

• The actual “look” of snow falling, it can be pretty I guess. & watching kids happily sledding and making snowmen. I remember being elated as if I had won the lottery when I was a kid and my brother and I could go outside and build “forts”.

• Warm drinks, like yummy teas and mulled wine.

• That chance to catch up on all those tv shows that people tell ya to watch, and the chance to really put Netflix & instant Netflix to the test.

• Not complaining about how incredibly unbearably hot it is, not running that energy eating air-conditioner.

• When ya have a big get-together/dinner at some ones house, if something needs to be chilled or in the fridge and there is no room, just stick it outside on the patio!

• Just having to cuddle up a little bit closer to your loved one to warm up.

• Ice-skating if you are so inclined.

• Winter Clearance sales!!. Hmmm.. not sure if this has anything to do with the snow- but since I’m making this list... lets just go with it.

• RJ Grunts temperature soup. Yes... if it’s 5 degrees out... ya pay 5 cents. If its 15 degrees out, ya pay 15 cents. If its 10 below... hmmm... I think it might be free??? Maybe I should check tomorrow. Yum... Grunts butternut squash soup. DIVINE.

• Just being inside. Time to finally clean that space, read that book, make that phone-call. Listen and dance around your warm home to that lovely new song.

ok, I'm done.

picture relish

This past weekend, had fun with my camera-

Most of these are over by lakeview area.
Very much inclusive to the dearly- loved (& Husbands candy store) "Reckless Records"


If you are so inclined you can find and download a bunch of really nice Vintage Actions for photoshop here to play with-

Thank You lovely’s

Last night got some long-overdue time with a couple of wonderful girlfriends, Kerri and Jessie. These ladies and I go way back... They are both truly gems, each with their own unique style and talents. We were all in college together & even had our senior show together (along with Jessie’s talented now-husband Jon), it has been so fun to see where life has brought us, and all the stories and change that have come in the past years. These ladies are priceless & I wouldn’t trade our friendship for millions of dollars.

Both of these chicas are incredibly, talented graphic designers (and artists). Their keen sense of creativity and sensitivity to form and communication through design is truly awesome. I am so proud of the both of them. It has been over a month and half since I’ve actually gotten to see their faces, yikes!! We obliviously had tons to catch up on. I think we could have even gone on for another bundle of hours. They also make me laugh so hard, and know how to be incredibly genuine.

**A pic of the three of us from this summer -ahh, summer, where did it go?*

I know they are each super busy, but I want them to start blogs as well, hee hee... nudge... nudge... I’m sure they will one day-

We usually do “Christmas presents” after the holidays, its relaxing and much more laid back. Plus there is LOTS of conversation to catch up on after the break. So I am going to send out a little “Thank You” for the wonderful gifts my friends-

Lovely #1:
Kerri got us each treats that reminded her of each of our styles, she’s so good at this, she pays attention very well to all kinds of details- I was treated with a really cool & unique wall-art piece, with a vintage swirl style to it, lush colors, fun design and unique little bit of sparkle added, she cot it from one of her favorite shops- “Cocoon”. She tells me this is one of her favorite places to go to- I can’t cannot wait to frame and hang up... hmmm... maybe in my office at home, or here, or living room, or... Man, I’m going to have a hard time deciding, its so cool! She also treated us with sweet eyeshadow and cool beaded picture hooks.
That thoughtful lady-

Lovely #2:
Jessie had just come back recently from spending the new year and parts of the holidays in Paris -w- her hubby sis, and brother in law! Wowzers!! What an awesome way to ring in 2009! Her stories and pictures are so much fun and full of style. From the looks of things, Paris suited miss Jessie perfectly. She gave each of us these beautiful. lush, crinkly, gun-metal grey scarves that are most definitely unique and very “Paris”. You definitely feel like a little queen with style when you wear them. Kerri and I were thrilled. Yeah! I cannot wait to wear mine, I think I have a pair of shoes that will go perfectly. She also treated us to these special lip-ointments.
Another thoughtful lady-

Surprise Lovely #3
When I got home last night, there was a random & surprise gift on the coffee table from my #1 buddy- My hubby. He got me this sweet Ingmar Bergman dvd collection. Includes some of his best & most intriguing films. with 6 dvds in it! He always knows how to make me smile. He was out with Some of his best guy-friends last night too. Black and white older movies like these with complex meanings and meatier writing makes my head & heart happy. Whoohoo... Happy winter days in the house, curled up with dialogue-laden films. Lots to watch. For Christmas, he had given me the Criterion collection of his most early and older work. What a great guy. Thoughtful man.

So! I am excited for the weekend to come, scarves to wear, films to watch, pictures to hang. Thanks you guys! Feel so spoiled on a Thursday evening. Ready for a chilly, cozy weekend at home.

*Cheers ***Happy Friday!!! ***Stay warm if ya live where its chilly!

Sing it loud-

Sing it loud-
Whatever you say, say it with passion...

If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, riches take wings. only one thing endures and that is character. –H. Greeley

What lies behind us. and what lies before us are small matters... compared to what lies within us. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

whatever you are, be a good one. –A Lincoln