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Good times : )

So I just wanted to post a little blog about a really genuine and hilarious person.
: ) My good friend Danielle. She and I got some good time to get together and hang out on Saturday. Wanted to post about her, because she is definitely such a warm, hilarious, colorful, stylish, incredibly, incredibly smart and genuine person (and has a great taste in shoes). Ask anyone, and they will tell ya that time passes really quickly after hanging with her, and you usually have a bunch of great memories and mad funny stories later. Things like "Hilarious Pizza pocket on the floor" "Mary Tyler More"," Tina Fey","VIP's", "Toddlers in Escalades" and "vacations in St. Charles". Good stuff.
Danielle is a very talented and working Chicago actress, she is a gem to the stage, and can perform like none other. Some of the things (much, much thanks to miss Danielle) that we love to do is go to running Chicago plays/productions whenever we get a chance (I'm spoiled, it's fun to go with someone who actually knows the stage very well). Thanks to this girly, I think I've seen over a dozen or so productions just in the past year! Thanks chica : )
I think she would laugh that I posted these sill pictures from the other day, sorry lady- I just think there are fun, well the 2nd one esp.
Out of these many fine productions, I want to mention a couple that really stand out, and would want to highly recommend. I think they are running through the middle of November if one is so inclined...

1st would be: "Edward II" (or the long title: "The Troublesome Reign and Lamentable Death of Edward II, King of England, with the Tragic Fall of Proud Mortimer", that's a mouthful eh?) Playing at The Chicago Shakespeare Theater. Directed by the very brilliant, creative, and edgy director Sean Graney. This is a breathtaking, and completely modernized and hard core Shakespeare story. It kind of reminded me of a Baz Lurman film, set on stage. It becomes very riveting and personal. Awesome!! I want to take my hubby to see it if we get the chance, I know he would love it. After we left we were speechless. Makes you kind of squeamish, in a good way.

2nd would be: The show we watched on Saturday night, "On the Shore of the Wide World". Directed by Danielle's very good friend and incredibly talented creative- Jonathan Berry. Playing at the "Theatre Building Chicago". What can I say, I was blown away by the color, textures, lighting, and attention to detail. And above all, sensitivity to life and the very complex humans that we are. It speaks all about marriage, heartache, family, the unspoken. It kinda reaches out to you in an unexpected and personal way. It's very solid yet fragile and very warm. Loved it!

Whoooho!!! So that's a couple of my Chicago stage entertainment recommendations. Both very creative and full of color. And to just put a bit o' spotlight on a very good person, a great friend, and a downright hilarious lady.



Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

she looks very sweet.
aren't good friends the best.
they make life sweet.

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