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What a sweet home... Chicago

So lately when I have some free time, I've been taking pictures of little pieces and spots of the city that I love, angles, colors, crops that I think are interesting. These were taken over the past 2 months or so (except for the bright blue water/skyline shots, those were in the summer on a boat) Otherwise, I've been on lots of little photo adventures. These little pieces remind me of home, remind me of nice-free days off when I can go and explore. I love this city so much. It makes feel confident, happy, at ease, inspired and at home. One of the things that makes Chicago so manageable and movable is it's grid system. Once ya get it down, your good to go. And as a graphic designer, I unabashedly love the existence and clean symmetry of a grid every now and then.
So, here's a handful of a few photos I have recently taken of my hometown, set in a little grid form. Hoping to set up some more in a couple of months when it's snowy, sharp, cozy, and white out.

I know this grid might look smaller on Blogger, so you can always click on it and see a larger version in your next window if you so desire.

; )


lulu said...

I really enjoy your lovely Chicago grid! I love how you explore different angles and colors! Hooray Chicago!


JonJon said...

Courtney how do find time to do this stuff!? You know what, I don't care how you find time, just that you do it. I love seeing your new creations and sharing your world with us. You are awesome and inspiring! Thanks.

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

very very cool! really great photos, Courtney! i did not know you are quite the photographer.

Chris said...

These are really awesome, Courtney. I love your view of Chicago and the world in general. What kind of camera do you use? I can't wait to see more of your vision in the coming months :)

Michelle Swidrak said...

i miss chicago! please keep posting pics especially when the snow comes, k?!

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If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

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