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I know, shallow and random. But anyone who knows me, knows that i LOVE clothes. yup. Cannot help it. I do need to cut back. Am running out of room in my closet.

So, in the midst of COLD COLD slushy & grey weather, I am dreaming of pretty, lovely, little lady dresses that are so fun to wear in the spring, or in some other make-believe fantastic land where its bright and sunny, and you can skip down a lovely brick street in some beautiful foreign place, sipping champagne, eating gelato and staring at the ocean. Or, were in a random shampoo commercial.

So, IF I had a billion dollars. Well, there is a LOT that I would do with that moola probably before going shopping. But being girly (and since this is my blog, and I’m just dreaming right now), I would purchase these three in their order by Oscar de la Renta...
( I cannot escape #1 for some reason, I just love those lines)

1. yummy lines-

2. ooh, tailored texture

3. sweet angles, white paisley

So... if YOU have a billion dollars... you can buy em HERE.

What is one little random silly treat you would buy with a billion dollars?


Michelle Swidrak said...

oh come on! show me something with color! it's not spring in all black and white. ;)
love you!
you would look hot in all 3 dresses.

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Sing it loud-
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If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

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