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Thank You lovely’s

Last night got some long-overdue time with a couple of wonderful girlfriends, Kerri and Jessie. These ladies and I go way back... They are both truly gems, each with their own unique style and talents. We were all in college together & even had our senior show together (along with Jessie’s talented now-husband Jon), it has been so fun to see where life has brought us, and all the stories and change that have come in the past years. These ladies are priceless & I wouldn’t trade our friendship for millions of dollars.

Both of these chicas are incredibly, talented graphic designers (and artists). Their keen sense of creativity and sensitivity to form and communication through design is truly awesome. I am so proud of the both of them. It has been over a month and half since I’ve actually gotten to see their faces, yikes!! We obliviously had tons to catch up on. I think we could have even gone on for another bundle of hours. They also make me laugh so hard, and know how to be incredibly genuine.

**A pic of the three of us from this summer -ahh, summer, where did it go?*

I know they are each super busy, but I want them to start blogs as well, hee hee... nudge... nudge... I’m sure they will one day-

We usually do “Christmas presents” after the holidays, its relaxing and much more laid back. Plus there is LOTS of conversation to catch up on after the break. So I am going to send out a little “Thank You” for the wonderful gifts my friends-

Lovely #1:
Kerri got us each treats that reminded her of each of our styles, she’s so good at this, she pays attention very well to all kinds of details- I was treated with a really cool & unique wall-art piece, with a vintage swirl style to it, lush colors, fun design and unique little bit of sparkle added, she cot it from one of her favorite shops- “Cocoon”. She tells me this is one of her favorite places to go to- I can’t cannot wait to frame and hang up... hmmm... maybe in my office at home, or here, or living room, or... Man, I’m going to have a hard time deciding, its so cool! She also treated us with sweet eyeshadow and cool beaded picture hooks.
That thoughtful lady-

Lovely #2:
Jessie had just come back recently from spending the new year and parts of the holidays in Paris -w- her hubby sis, and brother in law! Wowzers!! What an awesome way to ring in 2009! Her stories and pictures are so much fun and full of style. From the looks of things, Paris suited miss Jessie perfectly. She gave each of us these beautiful. lush, crinkly, gun-metal grey scarves that are most definitely unique and very “Paris”. You definitely feel like a little queen with style when you wear them. Kerri and I were thrilled. Yeah! I cannot wait to wear mine, I think I have a pair of shoes that will go perfectly. She also treated us to these special lip-ointments.
Another thoughtful lady-

Surprise Lovely #3
When I got home last night, there was a random & surprise gift on the coffee table from my #1 buddy- My hubby. He got me this sweet Ingmar Bergman dvd collection. Includes some of his best & most intriguing films. with 6 dvds in it! He always knows how to make me smile. He was out with Some of his best guy-friends last night too. Black and white older movies like these with complex meanings and meatier writing makes my head & heart happy. Whoohoo... Happy winter days in the house, curled up with dialogue-laden films. Lots to watch. For Christmas, he had given me the Criterion collection of his most early and older work. What a great guy. Thoughtful man.

So! I am excited for the weekend to come, scarves to wear, films to watch, pictures to hang. Thanks you guys! Feel so spoiled on a Thursday evening. Ready for a chilly, cozy weekend at home.

*Cheers ***Happy Friday!!! ***Stay warm if ya live where its chilly!


Georgia B. said...

cute picture of you three. sweet post. it's nice to have friends like that. truly.

Michelle Swidrak said...

love the pic of you guys, i bet you have one from college too. you should do a side-by-side, and see how much you've all changed and grown up. i miss kerry.

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If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

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