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Whew! What a week!

So it has been quite a bit since I have actually gotten the chance to blog. I miss it.

It has been a very jam-packed week. Thanksgiving break was wonderful, weekend time with hubby was great. I actually got sick right before Thanksgiving. And work has just been insane. Very busy.
So, I know there are a lot, sorry. but wanted to post a few pics over the past week or so posted.
1.(pics 1) Thanksgiving was at my wonderful inlaws. So much fun. My mother in law is the coolest, well so is my pappa-in law too! I totally lucked out. It was my brothers-in law my brother, and my brother-in law- Jimmy's lovely and super funny girlfriend. So mcuh to be thankful for this year. seriously. Every year Carrie (my momma-in law) and I do the table, it's kinda a tradition, and we have a lot of fun with it. Always a different color, different theme. I usually design little note-cards with quotes or jokes in them. The colors were teals, gold, and purples this year. As always, we ate so much food, cooked our hearts away and laughed hard. I just realized in these pictures my hubby's second brother Jon is not in any of them, sneaky sneaky man... he got away from the camera. Oh well,the funny guy was there.

2. (pics 2) Also, posted a couple of date pics that hubby and I have been on. We got lots of down-time and fun time. Good to break away and do this when life gets busy and you work so hard. We spent a lot of time downtown. walked, talked a lot. Saw a bit of the Mag mile light parade, grabbed dinner and martini's at the sooo yummy Ostaria Via Stratto. Justin knows the GM at ESPN zone on Michigan/ohio ave. so we got to play games for free (a 12 hour play card!!! for each of us! nice) and he set aside a private sports room for us to just hang out in whenever we wanted. It was Great! & free!!! Nothing like acting like a couple of kids and playing some games, eh?

So anyways. Yup. Lots to be thankful for this year. So much. What a rich life experience we are all blessed with.
Have a good one! It's good to be back at the blogging land.


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

yay! she's back!

it looks and sounds like your Thanksgiving and your date were a lot of fun!

welcome back!

Chris said...

Great photos! I love seeing what everyone's been up to for the holidays. They go so fast though, don't they? :)

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If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

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