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Actually did it!

So as I wrote in a previous post about a month ago, I was a little knitting newbie. Just starting and trying it out. There is something so relaxing about it, it's weird. Kinda lulling. I know, some people equate this stuff with maybe your grandma's knitting club, or make fun of it. My mom even kinda laughed at me. but ya know what... so what!? I fell in love. Once ya get it down, its so easy... And you can watch a movie, talk to buddies and just work on your knitting. You en up getting a product that ya might have paid some good moola for in the end. I was a bit intimidated at first, but now I so excited to try again. Maybe make a warm grey striped scarf for the hubby to walk to and from the train.
So, no matter what your view on knitting is... I am so excited that I actually finished. And I now have a big squishy plumb scarf to keep me warm this winter. sweet..

Oh,and yeah, I know some of these pics are kinda silly. Just realized how tired I look in them. But so what, I'm giddy that I actually finished.

: )


Michelle Swidrak said...

Love the knitting mania going on over there! I learned last year, then forgot. I made a ridiculously huge baby blanket that could fit a twin bed. Anyway, as for the captions below the pics, I have a hard time too. I just move pics up and down and get some space in between them once they are all downloaded onto the page, then can write underneath them. I hope that helps, I'm sure there is a better way that I don't know of.
I miss you and hope to see you when we are there!Been talking to Jess via email and facebook so I'd love if we 3 could hang for lunch or something too.
Much love knitting lady!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

cute! hmmmm . . . could i commission you to make me one?

Chris said...

Very pretty! I had no idea you were a knitting bee. My friend Katie knits on the train sometimes and really finds it soothing, too.

kerri said...

Okay, so I am completely inspired by you! I love that you talk about what is going on and show stuff you're working on!! Love it!!! I'm going to take your advice and start blogging. :) love you!!


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If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

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