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Christmas time in the city...

City Sidewalks, Busy sidewalks.
Dressed in Holiday style.

In the air,
there's a feeling of

Children laughing,
People passing,
Meeting smile after smile.

And on every street corner you'll hear

Silver Bells, silver bells
Its Christmas time in the city.
Ring a ling, hear them sing

Soon it will be Christmas day.

Strings of street lights
Even stop lights
Blink bright red and green
As the shoppers rush home

with their treasures

Hear the snow crunch
See the kids bunch
This is Santa's big scene

And above all this bustle
You'll hear...

Silver Bells
Silver Bells-
It's Christmas time in the city
Ring a ling...
Hear them ring

Soon, it will be Christmas day.



Georgia B. said...

yay! i love your city pics! what a great time of year to be down in the city!!!

have a very blessed Christmas and New Year, miss Courtney! i hope you enjoy your time off!!



Chris said...

Great pix! I love seeing your view of the world, especially Chicago.

Happy new year!

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Sing it loud-
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If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

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