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The massiveness-

Oh man, hee hee hee hee... (as I chuckle to myself right now). What a funny evening Sunday was. So, the hubby and I have the day off, and we decide to decorate the Christmas tree on Sunday evening. Our fun little tradition time where we hang out, maybe open up a bottle of wine, set up our nice little fake 4 1/5 foot tree. The little tree we have been using for almost five years now. I think we bought it for like 20 bucks a long time ago. It has served us nicely. Looks really pretty when we are done, and is just the right size for our place.

So... We do a bunch of stuff during the day, go out to dinner, and hop on over to Target to get our annual "1 new ornament a piece" each year before heading home to decorate. I guess this is a tradition that the hubby did when he was a little boy, they would go out and the kids would pick a big special (usually star wars, etc.) type special ornaments. So... as my hubby is wandering the Target aisles, I guess she gets hit by the Clark Griswald-massive Christmas-feeling bug. He decides that the tree we have been using for so many years is icky, bad, small, and just not Christmas massive enough.
My in laws last year had offered to give us this 2nd tree they didn't want anymore, it was pretty expensive I guess. (my pop-in law thought that it was too big, too bright... hmmm). I politely turned them down last year. So... I'm sure you know where this is heading. Justin (my hubby) decides he WANTS this big massive tree now from his parents for our 2008 Christmas. Oh he wants the Festivity-land-Santa's village in our home... now.

So, we get the tree. OH MY GOSH. First of all, couldn't even fit it into the car. Then, we bring it home.
This thing has 2,000 lights on it. Every "branch" wrapped. It is WIDE. Fat. And 8 feet tall. Oh my. We have high ceilings at our place. But um, we don't have this massive large house in the city. Our living room is a good size, but not THAT big. I think this would work in someone else's house that was actually LARGER. Like an actual HOUSE. Not a city-2 flat.

So, we finally figure out where it works. and place it there, decorate it (which was fun, really fun). I've posted some pics of "Justin ornaments" and "Courtney ornaments" ha! Its pretty, it's all decorated.

Then... we turn off the lights... turn on the tree WHhoooho!!!!!! Man. This thing is bright. I could catch a tan. We seriously don't need much more lights turned on in our house, when you go on over to the kitchen, or even the office, ya still catch the glow.

So, it's pretty. It really is. I'm just being funny, it's not horrible or anything. Very pretty, It's just MASSIVE. The tree is definitely it's own "little" creature residing in our home for the month of December. If I get home, and nobody is there, I look at the tree and don't really fully feel alone, ha ha ha. Almost like it's become it's own person. I say, "Hello Mr. pet Tree, how was your day, did ya have a nice day?" I feel short next to it.

So, I have a happy husband. That fills me with joy. He is feeling the Christmas joy. And so am I. Reminds me of how grateful I am that I have such a fun, sweet, spontaneous, and creative hubby. Such a great person in my life that wanted to put up this tree. And that I get to spend another rich Christmas season with him.
It is nice, I am getting used to it. Very bright. Pretty. And pretty... large.

Hope your holidays are treating you well!!!


Chris said...

Oh my goodness, that is a MASSIVE tree! It's like looking up at a towering ancient pine filled with lights. Anyhow, it ended up looking really pretty, and it's so cute that your husband gets so into the season. Mine, not so much, but I'm working on him :)

My Precious Peanut Designs said...

Love the tree! I wish our ceilings were high enough for a tree that tall! Maybe someday! :)

Michelle Swidrak said...

lol! that is so funny! i'm sure the neighbors love getting there house lit up by your tree, they are going to save so much money! ;)
at least you're in the spirit of the season.

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

i read this yesterday when i was off sick, and it was cracking me up. but for some reason i can't leave comments from my computer at home.

anyway, your tree looks gorgeous! if we had the room, i would love a big tree like that! that's awesome that your hubby gets into the Christmas spirit! he could be the opposite. :)

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