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-little reminder-

As life progresses
. As uncertain as life sometimes may feel. Do not forget the unique stamp and sweet richness of life. For me, I’m slowly realizing that life’s uncertainties are one of the things that actually make it layered, complex and even yes... beautiful. Remembering this and actually intertwining it into the day.

For 2009 and the entry into the new. I will wake up in the morning, and remember that it’s how my heart, inner core, and willingness to trust and listen to that gentle voice of PEACE will make the largest stamp...
A little reminder to this crazy brain of mine that likes to scatter at times. To learn how to have that maturity this year to actually take a crisp deep breath... and learn how to trust and have peace...

I am carrying this with me into the new...


My Precious Peanut Designs said...

You seem awfully reflective in this post...are you ok??

Luv ya cuz!

creativelush said...

Yes! Am good. Just been reflective in a deep and introspective way. I think that with the start of the new year, and all that surrounds us and I know esp. me with work, the economy, change, life. It is good to remember our core and what really keeps us steady.
I’m very good, just a very reflective person in general Cousin...

Smiles, thanks for checking-

Georgia B. said...

good post. good thoughts. and i love the color scheme.

i'm so glad you started a blog, girlie!

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Sing it loud-

Sing it loud-
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If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

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