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Things of random about C you might not know-

Little Random things that I like:

Exploring new and completely different places some ONE DAY...
• A big bowl of Multi-grain Cherrios and Rice Krispies (but not together)
Lines, clean lines, linear items, symmetry
Squiggles too
• Real, genuine, people
• Text messages
• New magazines
• Indy-artsy Graphic Novels (so drawn to Drawn and & Quarterly)
• Books, books, books... the words, the writers, the process, the nostalgia, the covers, the whole shebang, Myopic Books
Vegetables (Valley Produce and Stanleys)
• Good lighting & SUCH for GOOD LIVING (some say my taste is too dark, that i need glasses)
• The beach
• Tunnels
• Lovely PRINTS
• Renegade-handmade-like ITEMS & people who can use their talents to make money in creative ways
• A nice red wine
• Quarters (there are SO many uses, esp. with living in the city)
• Clothes!!!!! New dresses and shirts esp. YUM.
Movies in general, Indy Movies, Old movies, Arthouse films, I watch at least 4 a week-Movies with Lots of dialogue too... Subtitles, you name it...
• Gardening & growing
• Lovely Fonts and lovely usage
• cheese popcorn
• Unique jewelry
• Vintage finds
Flight of the Conchords
Rainy days & Thunderstorms
• Awesome set stylists
• Pedicures
• WONDERFUL blogs! + good people... click HERE
• Plays & well written productions
• Target
• The Movies “Love Actually,” “Juno,” “The Departed,” “Shawshank Redemption,” “PS I love You,” “Roman Holiday,” & “The Dark Knight” (& getting to randomly be an extra in it was fun)
The color green. A rich grey. Being Green...
• Somewhat tailored looks (collars, blazers, buttons, dress pants, pencil skirts)
• Panang Curry
Taking & sneaking PHOTOS & loving those who do!!
Cleaning, organizing, order
• Expensive candles-smellies for the home (oooh, a wiff of Asrai Garden)
• Shopping all by myself (with friends is great, but there is just something relaxing when your all alone)
• Walking through a town to explore. Walking a city
• The library
• Macs
• Cooking-new recipes
• Leaves
• Life
Modern art
• Smellies- the smell of lavender, mens Cologne, lilies
brand spanking new shoes
• A fantastic vocabulary
• Music, music, music, Reckless Records,
Interior design
• I'm a news/media junkie -NPR
This American Life
• San Fran

Incredibly Random stuff I'm not particularly inclined to, things that make me cringe (personally):

• Potholes and Ice
• Spiteful gossip
• Cake
• Big, heartless corporations
• Fake, selfish people
• The color baby pink
• Chicago Parking tickets
• Velcro
Beyonce, Miley Cirus & Lindsey Lohan
The Dentist
• Vera Bradley things
• Getting up while its still dark outside
• Rum
• Arbys
• Ridiculously overpriced, non quality things
• Getting the oil in my car changed (well, I like when its done)
• Lace curtains
• Greed & Money & what it does to people...
• Jello
• Clowns
• Mean-obnoxious drinkers
• Fluorescent lighting
• Big icky side burn chops on guys
• Fanny packs (does anyone still wear these?)
• Snooty sales clerks
• Pop
• Constant complainers-negative people
• Bad fonts
• The video game "Call of Duty"
Thomas Kinkade
• Game shows


*(Ohh... and special thanks to miss Georgia for finally showing me how to actually make links and color work in this blogging world. )


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Sing it loud-

Sing it loud-
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If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

If Ya write, It makes my heart happy

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